RBC Show Horses LLC
The farm is nestled at the perfect midway point, between the North Carolina corn and tobacco fields, and the Smithfield urban area with it's outlet malls and restaurants. Home to Multi-National winning Arabian and Half-Arabian horse training stable of Caralyn Schroter Inc. the fourteen-acre, 55 stall horse training facility represents the accumulative experience and success of one of the top Arabian and Half-Arabian horse trainers in the country, Caralyn Schroter.

The location of the property is ideal. Just a half hour from Raleigh and the airport, the farm is located where Interstate 40 and 95 cross.  

The farm, itself, is a perfect, peaceful setting for training horses and riders. The forty stall barn is supplemented by a covered, enclosed riding arena, as well as a bull pen, walker, and turnouts. Having originally been a reining horse facility, there is also a huge 300 x 200 reining track.

“It’s set off the main road about a mile, so it’s quiet. We are where the agriculture – farmland – begins, but if you go another two miles from us, you enjoy the convenience of restaurants and motels.”  Close to town, but rural, too,  “This is the best of both worlds.”
Caralyn grew up in a large family on a dairy farm, comfortable doing chores, milking cows, and driving farm vehicles. Not a stranger to hard work! When Caralyn decided that Holsteins were not her future, she began a journey that would ultimately lead her to the Arabian horse industry.
Caralyn Schroter and Triften
She had been working for trainers such as Pam Zimmerman and Michael Whelihan when she heard of the open position at LaCroix, Ltd. Caralyn remained there for over three years, working with amateurs, and riding and training horses.

Starting in 1996 Caralyn worked for Dolorosa Arabians for eleven years there, training both farm-owned and outside client horses.  Caralyn trained DA Josiah to a Canadian National Championship and U.S. Reserve.  Caralyn had tremendous success with horses bred by Claire Boyd – CBS Top Dog, winner of multiple National and Reserve National Championships owned by Nan Harley; National Champion, CBS Bahznia; and CBS Watusi, winner of many Regional Championships and National Top Tens.

When DeCarol Williamson, owner of Dolorosa Arabians, decided to eliminate the client program, Caralyn decided it was a good opportunity to step into a place of her own.

Caralyn now takes great pride in owning and running RBC Show Horses, LLC, her own business in which she can control the atmosphere of the farm.  The farm is a horse friendly atmosphere. And people friendly. A great group of clients, and since we don’t need to have a lot of people to make it work, everyone gets a lot of time and attention and can feel relaxed about. It’s a good place to teach, and we have time to teach. Our clients like to come, hang out, and watch each others’ lessons. There is a great camaraderie. Caralyn's home is just 200 yards from the barn. 

Caralyn Schroter - 2017 APAHA Horsewoman of the Year

Caralyn has trained horses to National success in a wide range of disciplines, giving them a unique advantage and unusual balance to their program. “We don’t have six amateurs in one class. We have them split between hunter pleasure, English pleasure, Country English, western, driving, show hack...and because we have all those different disciplines it helps us to better accommodate all the amateurs and our younger horses. 

Caralyn works hard to bring each individual to its potential. When a horse first arrives I try to get an idea of what the expectations of the owner have. Then evaluate the horse to see if that horse can meet those expectations, so that we’re not completely out of balance with what the horse can do and what the owner thinks it can do.  
The farm is in Region 12 so the Region 12 show is one to which we take a strong group of horses. We try to go to one or two other regionals and like to go all over the Eastern United States. We attend Youth Nationals, Canadian Nationals, U.S. Nationals, Scottsdale and the Buckeye, and love going down to the Tampa Thanksgiving Show in November.

Caralyn takes special pride in the care the horses receive. Because we have forty stalls and no more, we can do quality work and give each horse a lot of personal time. Every horse gets out of its stall six days a week, whether that time is spent with conditioning exercises, training exercises, or turn-out time – they all get personal attention. We take no shortcuts on feed, bedding, or anything regarding the care of the horses. They get the best of everything.

Caralyn Schroter, and RBC Show Horses represent the pride of ownership, a commitment to the care and education of clients and their horses.
Home in Smithfield, North Carolina, RBC Show Horses is a place where people and horses can enjoy learning together; achieving their goals, and having friendship and support along the way to their success!

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