Training and Showing 

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Effective 4-1-2022




Training $1400.00 Monthly  
Includes Board, Rice Bran  
Other Supplements ie. ISOX, Thyrol, Outlast, etc.  Billed by RBC 

Show Fees

No Show Fee (Horses only schooling at the show) $250.00
Class A (2 or more days) $1000.00
Scottsdale $3500.00
Regional & East Coast $1500.00
Regional with Qualifier $1550.00
Buckeye $1500.00
Youth Nationals* $3500.00
Canadian Nationals* $3500.00
U.S. Nationals* $4000.00

*All National clients will be encouraged to at least one page magazine advertising with RBC in apre OR post National Ad.

***Prize money won is retained by the owner of the horse.

Additional Show Expenses: Entry Fees, Utility stalls, bedding, % of premium stabling, Patronships contract labor, decoration expenses will be prorated among the number of clients attending show. Early arrival fees, layover fees, vet, farrier, medications, and any other fees will be billed per horse. *Show fees (hauling, patronships, tack/groom, etc.) will be prebilled. Payment for show willneed to be paid in full prior to departure. Non-payment may result in horse not attending show.



RBC Show Horses (both ways) $.90 per mile
Minimum charge
*Hauling rates may increase with fuel prices

Sales Fees / Commission

 Seller's Agent fee 15%
 Finder's Fee 3%

 Miscellaneous Fees

Body Clipping Billed by RBC
Show Clipping Billed by RBC
Braiding Billed by RBC
Photo/Video Preparation $100.00
Photographer Fee Call for current rates
Evaluation - Off $200 + travel/hotel expenses
Premise Harness Rental $50/show
Clinic/Seminar Fee $800/day + travel/hotel expenses
Farrier Billed by RBC
Veterinarian Billed directly
Sheet/Blanket/body sleazy Rental for shows $150.00/show
Blanket/Sheet Washing or Repair Billed by RBC
Tail Bags Billed by RBC
RBC Office Fee (If any information is missing for Show Entry)  $500.00
Invoices paid via credit will have a transaction fee  4% of invoice total
Invoices paid via ACH Bank Draft $10.00

 *All horses will be required to have a Full Body Sleazie/ Sheet/ Blanket and standing wraps at the owner’s expense. RBC will help with choice and color direction. 

*Other miscellaneous fees may be charged at the discretion of RBC.

* Any RBC tack or equipment broken by an individual horse will be charged to the owner's account.

*All Services shall cease if balance owing is over 30 past due. 
Finance charge-11/2% monthly interest accrued on unpaid balances.




At Stud: